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6 Wildlife Photography Tips for Creating Winning Images

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May 5th, 2012 - 12:40 AM

6 Wildlife Photography Tips for Creating Winning Images

Wildlife Photography Tips for Creating Winning Images

While there is no one magic ingredient to Wildlife Photography, there are some basic rules.

Wildlife Photography Tip #1- Always Have Your Camera With You

May seem obvious, but I canít tell you the number of people who see that perfect image without their camera.
I am occasionally in that group myself.

Wildlife Photography Tip #2- Be a Boy Scout..... Always be Prepared

One of the best tips in Wildlife Photography is to remember the motto "always be prepared."
When you leave the house to go out to photograph wildlife, be sure to have your camera settings ready.
Oftentimes when photographing Wildlife unexpected opportunities arise.
When your camera settings are ready, so are you.

Wildlife Photography Tip #3- Have the Camera Turned On and Ready to Go.

While it may seem obvious, have your camera turned on from the time you leave the house.
Wildlife often appears and disappears in the flash (no pun intended) of an eye.

Wildlife Photography Tip #4- Have a Goal.... then be open to other opportunities (release the outcome).

As you know my specialty is Wildlife Photography.
When I go out to photograph a particular bird I seldom see the bird I set out to photograph.
Two of my most popular images are the "Chipmunk Hiding from a Fox."
This image is shown on this article.
My goal for the day was to photograph birds.

Wildlife Photography Tip #5- Start Editing Your Images Immediately

When you edit your images immediately, you avoid getting backed up in your editing.
When you have taken tens of thousands of images like I have, if you get backlogged you will never get to all of them.
You just may overlook that award winning image!

More tips on editing images will appear in another article.... check back soon.

Wildlife Photography Tip #6- Always Be a Responsible, and Humane Photographer

See my next article on"Wildlife Photography Tips & Ethics"

Although many of these tips may seem obvious, I find many photographers (seasoned and beginners alike) forget the basic ingredients in Wildlife Photography.

Happy Shooting!!

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Yonah Cohen

5 Years Ago

Westminster, CO

Great tips!