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A new start with the Hobby I love.

Donald Murrill

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July 22nd, 2013 - 08:40 PM

A new start with the Hobby I love.

My name is Donald Murrill.
Age 27 yrs
Hobbies are Artist and writing

I created a Community to find Artist like myself and hopes that other will see this call forward. There are a lot of great Artist and we need you. Feel free to post any art that you have to share and a bio of your Art work explaining what technique you used, and a few tips on how we can improve in our struggle as an artist.

I am also looking for a leader and we will vote using likes as soon as we get enough likes. This is a great way to be discovered in your talent. You never know some one very important will come across our page and see all the artist gathered there.

I will have certain events to help you practice on your art, and the winners will be advertise through me.

I am currently painting with Acrylic and looking to make a profit to help pay doctor bills. Soon I will be picking up oil paint but for now Pastel and Acrylic will do. I have been drawing every since I can remember, just never new I was good at it, until one day I picked it up again. The first time I painted was a picture of me holding my son the moment he was born. Never have I had any experience with paint the picture turned out great. It capture the color itself, it just flowed through my body with joy when I put the finishing touch on it, I wanted it to look real but not to real, I wanted it to look like a painting and it does. I am working on a piece that will surely be eye catching. There are still lots of work to be done. It should be up for sale soon this will be the first painting I have ever sold and it feels good.

Sincerly; Murrill

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David Munroe

4 Years Ago

Glasgow, North Lanarkshire

sounds great, id like to get involbed