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A Society Apart, Falls Part 2

Peace Gypsy

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September 20th, 2013 - 03:09 AM

A Society Apart, Falls Part 2

There are so many things that everyone can do to make a better community. If someone is hurt, help them. If they are lost, guide them. If everyone picked up one piece of trash every day, then everything would not be so littered. It is all simple and it is really just common sense. If people keep their house clean, why canít they keep the air we breathe clean? Sound simple, right? But in todayís society everyone just leaves it up to the other guy. Well, when that happens, then nothing gets done and everything gets too overbearing for everyone.

Yes, we have people who pick up trash, yes, there are street sweepers, but why in the world is it so hard for people to respect whatís around them? Am I in any way perfect? Hell no! Of course I have thrown a piece of paper out my window. But I came to the realization that if everyone does that, then there will be too much trash and nowhere to put it.

The age of today is "Technology". Have you ever thought what that really means? Yes, it's nice to have a cool cell phone or maybe a touch computer. Adults and kids alike are all doing the same thing. They are looking down at their hands to write a text, or watch a video. They are not even paying attention to whatís going on around them.

There have been reports that people have been killed or hit by cars just from not paying attention. They don't enjoy the world around them. They don't see the flowers and trees, knowing that these on our earth are what help us to breathe. They take it for granted and they abuse the use of all that's around them. Am I talking to you? Yes! I am talking to every man, woman and child who think that they have to "keep up with the Jones'".

What makes you better than anyone around you? Have you ever sat down and figured out what makes your life better or worse than the other guy? I doubt it. Well, I have. And I have discovered that we are all the same no matter what. Some have more money, bigger houses, better cars and better clothes. But in the long run, that Versace suit is still just a jacket and a pair of pants.


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