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A Society Apart, Falls Part 6

Peace Gypsy

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September 20th, 2013 - 03:11 AM

A Society Apart, Falls Part 6

Do you know the amazement of something as simple as a seed? That seed is small and frail and if you don't care for it, then it will never grow. You water it, feed it and keep it warm. Then one day you see a little tiny leaf of green. Can you imagine how that came to be? Then you care for it some more and to your amazement, it flourishes and grows into a beautiful living plant. Plants get thirsty, plants get hungry, plants feel and plants die.

What is the difference with people? Explain how people think that a baby is precious but the world they live in is not. Tell me how some people can set fire to the one thing that can help the air we breathe, or how people became lazy about growing food so that the soils would still be of plenty. Now, they are depleted and people stand there scratching their heads wondering how it happened so fast. They look and see the destruction of Mother Nature.

But despite it all, there are a few people among society that can truly enjoy the beauty, power, and grace of a seed. They appreciate the near miraculous process where it will germinate and grow.

Notice the small things about a change in wind? That signifies an approaching storm. There are those who go out and actually look for some of the most special treasures to see. Letís look at Snorkeling. Itís quiet, peaceful, and you can see a whole different world right underneath you. A crab crawls on the ocean floor, a turtle and their young swimming by, and a fish coming up to you to investigate what kind of strange creature we are in their world. You can literally spend hourís face down in the water, just watching.


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