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All we have is NOW

Alina Skye

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September 20th, 2013 - 05:22 PM

All we have is NOW

This photo of an Angel sculpture was taken in Nashville at the City Cemetery.
I liked it because it was dark and haunting, much like the vibe there that day, as it was a moody, cloudy day. But I like days like that sometimes and coming to quiet places like the cemetery provides me a strange sense of comfort and peace. It gives me an eerie feeling of being suspended in a time capsule and it feels so good just to be still.

In our modern lives there is not enough of that. Everyone is in such a rush to get nowhere. You notice it by visibly diminishing attention span of many...people ask you questions and interrupt without letting you finish your answer, the drivers on the road throw caution and sometimes their lives and the lives of others around them to the wind, in silly attempts to save mere seconds...we get irritated by the commercials on tv and impatiently surf the channels, if you ever sit on a bench in the mall and see people pass you by, everyone seems so consumed by their own thoughts and rushing nervously, trying to pass slower walkers, everyone seems to be in a constant state of frenzy…it scares me.
And worries me because I catch myself doing the same and wonder why?

So, I take those rare opportunities and force myself to slow down, to be still and to enjoy this moment – right now!


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