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American Picking.... Old Stuff

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February 15th, 2011 - 11:27 PM

American Picking.... Old Stuff

The program depicting two men and co-horts travelling the back roads of America is amusing and interesting for those who are into memories and nostalgia. I was rolloing through Littlerock, California and stopped into one of my favorite junk stores... or should I say... vintage clutter collection stores... and was shocked at what I had found. This little place... named "The Orbit" has never been cleaned... it has never been tidied... and the dust is as much a part of the pickins as the pickin itself! But times are changin! I walked through the barn like (ghost town looking) front door and things were magically put into an orginazation. The owner (who is usually reading a book very quietly, sitting next to the stove heater, and looking like he just got out of bed) was sitting dressed and shaven and having a conversation with another gentleman while having a cup of coffee. He almost looked like a businessman! Now... that is not to be judgemental in any way, and part of the dust charm has always been him... or was that part of his marketing strategy? Maybe he had a religious conversion of some kind! Maybe he had a date with the backroads fellas from the Cable Phenomena... and perhaps an audit by the IRS was in the air! All I know is my world is changing too! Last year Tony Curtis passed away...(...the guy with the perpetual youthful face), a few weeks ago Jack LaLanne left this world ( that physically possible?) and now "The Orbit" has changed! What is the world coming to? In all seriousness, if you are ever in Littlerock, California, go by this place. It's the one with the funny World War One Rocket Launcher in the front!

I hope that old things will not continue to pass away so fast. I notice that there are quite a few commercials on the tube that pan older things...older people... and older ways. I happen to think that they still matter and have a little more depth and concern that go along with them.. Just something to ponder.

God Bless!


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