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September 18th, 2009 - 12:38 PM

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Over the last few days, I've had to cope with the most dreaded thing that can happen to a computer - I had to format my C drive. It wasn't as totally awful as it could have been, for I have an auxiliary hard drive with copies of (almost) everything I need. The tedium of re-installing literally hundreds of files and software programs made me crazy, and between installs I was amusing (?) myself with a program called Anagram Genius.

Never having run 'Regina Coeli deWinter' through the program, I typed it in. Here for your entertainment is a small sample of the anagrams created:

Weird, genial erection

Wider, genial erection

Weird lice generation

An energetic, weird oil

Weird, elite ignorance

Newer, nice, large idiot

Now die, energetic liar

Weirdo cretin lineage

Weird nag or nice elite?

Lewd, icier generation

Nice, gentle weirdo air

Angelic; entire weirdo

Weird, coital engineer

Weird, nice, elite organ

I notice weirder angel

A wild erotic engineer

Angelic weirdo in tree

New, idle geriatric one

A weird, energetic lion

Now erected in a girlie

Weird, alien cretin ego

Wild ice regeneration

I wined large erection

Wearing oriented lice

I notice weirder angel

Wild erotica engineer


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TL Stein

12 Years Ago

Boise, Id

"Wild Erotica Engineer"? Have you been hanging out in the pilots "ready room" again?!

Smithfield, VA

Regina, This is interesting & funny! I want to try it myself.

Gregory Young

12 Years Ago

San Isidiro, Pe

R.C., surely you were not surprised, heh... love and peace... gregory