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Are we willing to tear our paintings?

Alfred Motzer

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April 27th, 2013 - 12:40 PM

Are we willing to tear our paintings?

..I confess, the question is very provocative...knowbody that I know would be willing to destroy her or his
artwork,... really nobody!!! Our art is much more than the sum of the component parts, we need to create
it, much more than colour, paper, water, or whatever solvent we use...its all the time, we invested in our
art, so much trouble, till we got our actual experience,..once I said, our paintings are part of our soul,..and
this applies to each artwork, we are doing.
When we are not willing to tear our artwork, our paintings, which are part of our soul,...why,..I ask myself,
...I ask you,..are we willing to tear our ...souls....!?!
You may reply,..nobody is willing to do that, either tear her or his artwork, or tear her or his soul,...not
under any circumstances....!
Is this really true..?
On FAA we are used to comment artwork of colleagues, the artwork of whom we like...
But sometimes,..maybe very often,..we comment and vote for artwork, we dont like so much,..perhaps
we do that in the hope that our artwork will be commented in return, the hope that we can gather
comments and votes,...and will be uprated in the search option of FAA,...and sell copies of our artwork,
...and ... in short,..earn money,..or more money...!
A dear friend once confessed, "...A...., its really all about trading comments,..I really dont know, whether
they like my artwork,..or not...!
I confess,..these words made me sad,..very sad!
You may replay, ...well, many of my comments are for artwork I really like, ...but some are for colleagues,
who are happy about receiving positive and encouraging comments, cannot be wrong, to encourage
these colleagues in their work, in their art, in their hopes.
But isnt this exactly,..what I feared,...some comments are honest and faithful, and some are "well-meant"..,
"well-meant" for our colleagues, the artwork of whom we dont like that way, we commented it,..or
"well-meant" for our own profit.....?
I cannot answer this question,...there is only one way,...we should listen to our heart,... and if there is still
a very faint and silent voice,..and we are still able, to hear it,...and I hope for all of us, that we still can,
...then we should do what our heart tells us.....


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