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November 15th, 2009 - 11:35 AM

Art Ferrier Photo

As my first entry here I want to thank all who have viewed my work and encourage you to get in touch with feedback, ideas, etc. As an artist, as a teacher, and as a thinking and feeling person I am very interested in what thoughts and responses my work produces in others. I will be grateful to all who share these with me, either through this site or directly via email at
I have been a fine-art photographer for nearly 30 years, and although my work includes everything from landscape to abstract, I have always been guided by an appreciation of simple beauty in the elements of design: line, form, texture, color and value. I tend to experience the visual world in these terms first, and my attention goes to the wonderful ways that lines intersect, that light hits the side of a building, and that geometric forms overlap and merge serendipitously to produce compositions of contrast, harmony and beauty that rival the most deliberate works of modern art. This is what I photograph: magnificent spontaneity; the extraordinary in the everyday environment; the simple beauty that surrounds us all everywhere we go, if we simply learn to see it.
This has been an amazing year for me. After 25 years on shows in New England galleries I traveled to Hamburg in February for my first international exhibition. The reception and response to my work was wonderful, and the inspiration of a new environment helped tp produce what I consider some of my best images ever. In December I will be exhibiting images produced in Hamburg at the Florence Biennale, and I am incredibly excited. I'm also really anxious to see what 10 days in Florence, a new environment with different forms, a different palette, and a different history and culture from anything I have experienced, will inspire my eye and my lens to capture. Be assured that by January you all will get to see the results.


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