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Art in the Park Downtown Pinckney

Joseph Yarbrough

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June 6th, 2013 - 09:21 AM

Art in the Park Downtown Pinckney

When a show says they are an ‘Art Fair’ it should:

- not look like a carnival at the county fair grounds.
- not have the booth locations so poorly marked it is hard to tell where the canopy is supposed to be positioned.
- not have a local radio station with HUGE speakers directly across the road from the front of my canopy playing ALL day long AND equally loud locals singing & dancing across the way behind my booth.
- not make a deal about offering breaks by simply posting the provided ‘helping hands’ sign AND then not come by for two hours to actually provide the service.
- not provide spaces for windows & siding companies, etc.
- not attract a crowd who’s apparent primary interest in life in the acquisition of additional (I assume ‘additional’) lawn ornaments.
- not attract a crowd who (men & women) have more tattoos per square inch than a bluegill has scales.
- not attract a crowd which has an AMAZING number of cigarette smokers—really an amazing number.*

*In the interest of fairness I am not in any way opposed to tattoos or smoking for those who choose to take up either avocation. My opposition arises from experiences which have told me that shows with lots of either do not provide customers who are in the least willing (and in many cases able) to purchase my work.

This show could not even be described as a art & craft fair, let alone a FINE art & craft fair. At best  it was a very small town festival. However, the persons in attendance seemed to be having a delightful time. 

I will not be back.

PS: I must say the donuts were good at the Pinckney Bakery!


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