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Art Marketing Grow Your Art Business By Talking to Your Customers

Neil McKenzie

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June 15th, 2013 - 08:48 PM

Art Marketing Grow Your Art Business By Talking to Your Customers

When working with artists I find that most don’t use one of the easiest tools to take a pulse of the market, check up on their competition and grow their business – talking to their customers! Good organizations are in continuous contact with their customers, not just a “Hello or how are you doing?” when they make a purchase.

Whether you have an extensive customer list or are just starting out in your art business, finding out more about your customers is one activity that can make a difference to your bottom line. If you don’t have any customers yet, then a good strategy is to find a competitor with work similar to yours and find out what their customers are all about.

I like to use the art analogy of “painting a picture” of your customer. What do they look like in terms of income levels, demographics, geographic location, lifestyle, traditional and online media habits, and social media preferences? If you can paint a picture of your customer then finding more of them should become easier.

In this article we will look at how to go about learning more about your customers and I have also included a sample questionnaire to get you started. Are you talking to your customers?

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Neil McKenzie

3 Years Ago

Centennial, CO

Tammy - Keep at it and you will soon have a following (paying clients)! Start to paint a picture of your ideal client and then go after them. University - One of the great things about FAA is that it provides you with a platform to showcase and sell your work with a minimum of hassle. Drive traffic to FAA from as many sources as you can, such as social media, advertising... Through these channels you can start to collect information to "paint a picture" of your customers.

University Icons

3 Years Ago

Evanston, IL

This approach doesn't work if selling exclusively on FAA since you have no connection to who purchased your work. We find this aspect of selling on FAA very disappointing.

Tammy Berk

3 Years Ago

Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you for the article. I am such a newbie I don't even have a following yet (paying clients). But I'll keep in in my favorites until I do!