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Art Marketing What are You Really Selling

Neil McKenzie

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July 26th, 2013 - 09:42 PM

Art Marketing What are You Really Selling

If you are following this series of articles on the basics of Art Marketing you already know that a traditional way to describe marketing is called the Four Ps. The Four Ps are: Product, Price, Place (Distribution) and Promotion. In this article we will take a look at the Product part of this marketing model and answer the question What are you selling? In the next article on Product we will explore ways to further describe your products by identifying the features and the benefits they provide. These descriptions will be key in developing effective marketing materials and strategies.

As a point of reference you might want to check out my article Art Marketing and the Four Ps to see where this series is leading. So what are you really selling?

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Neil McKenzie

3 Years Ago

Centennial, CO

Thanks Pamela! If you have the zip codes of your present customers you might want to use an online tool called Business Decision that is available at many public libraries. Checking the art sections of newspapers in other regions might be helpful. The social media search might also be fruitful. I would also check out the websites of galleries in these other locales and see what kind of art there are featuring. - maybe even give them a phone call. I'm glad you enjoy my articles!

Jefferson , TX

Helpful articles!I read through a few& wondered-while putting together my "products list"exercise, how's best ways to determine what's best selling for Art in a particular region? Im in a part of Texas where very few buyers jump for most any luxury item-products that aren't survivor based&require disposable income.So even a bit beyond my region: newspapers?Search FB art groups...could you suggest ways to gather that info? THANK YOU! Enjoying your FAA articles. Pamela Smale Williams