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Art-Notes on Redbird Singing Songs of Love in the Tree of Hope

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October 3rd, 2018 - 02:40 PM

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Art-Notes on Redbird Singing Songs of Love in the Tree of Hope

A landscape-formatted print, "Redbird Singing Songs of Love in the Tree of Hope" is suitable for different sizes and styles of wall art. The theme makes it ideal for the home or workplace. The comprehensive color palette also makes it an attractive fit for a variety of product designs, including iPhone cases, battery chargers, tote-bags, coffee mugs, shower curtains, and other items. In addition, the visual narrative is also ideal for those who like art which celebrates a socially-empowering statement. (Please view image by clicking the link at bottom of the page or copying and pasting this one: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/redbird-singing-songs-of-love-in-the-tree-of-hope-aberjhani.html )

Shoppers may use Promo Code HSPRXZ up until Dec 31, 2018 to save 30 percent off this artwork and associated products .

"Redbird Singing Songs of Love in the Tree of Hope" is a contemporary collage that fuses original photography, urban landscape, and digital painting to underscore the theme of Beauty standing its ground during times of collective trauma. This is the fifth official image featured in the Redbird Series posted on Fine Art America and Pixels...

So why is Redbird suddenly singing "Songs of Love in the Tree of Hope?" Think of how different manifestations of love function in difficult times associated with overwhelming public or personal crises. It creates a kind of psychic refuge like the one symbolized here, where it becomes easier to believe in the joys of real life as well as the beauty of dreams despite the crushing presence of dread. In such a tangible organic refuge, extraordinary things like healing, reconciliation, and personal growth can occur. Or at least that is what Redbird chooses to believe and sing.


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