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Art-Notes on Redbird Speaking Compassion to Power

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September 5th, 2018 - 03:46 PM

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Art-Notes on Redbird Speaking Compassion to Power

"Redbird Speaking Compassion to Power" is a landscape-formatted print suitable for different sizes of wall art and particularly attractive on iPhone cases, battery chargers, tote-bags, coffee cups, and other items aesthetically compatible with the landscape design. Moreover, the narrative theme is also ideal for those who like art that makes a socially-empowering statement. (Please view image by clicking the link at bottom of the page or copying and pasting this one: https://pixels.com/featured/redbird-speaking-compassion-to-power-aberjhani.html )

Shoppers are encouraged to use Promo Code EFGHAS throughout the month of September for a 25 percent discount.

The "Redbird Speaking Compassion to Power" collage was originally intended to serve as a companion-piece to an essay titled "Speaking Compassion to Power." However, the artwork continued to develop in ways I had not anticipated after the essay was completed and eventually published on the Charter for Compassion website without it. No problem. It still retains its title as the fourth image in the Redbird Series posted at Fine Art America and on Pixels.com.

Thematically, the print is about standing one's ethical ground in the face of injustice. Stylistically and technically, it is a surrealistic composite of urban architecture, photography, digital painting, sculpture, and found objects.

The above having been said, my approach to this piece was closer to an evolving process. During the process, I experiment with installation configurations before settling on one or two primary cohesive images. These are then further processed before deriving at a final print. This work has in common with its immediate predecessor, "Redbird in the Valley of Beautiful Possibilities," the swirling multi-chromatic in-laid frame inspired by designs on antique vases. And, of course, Redbird himself.

Sept 2018

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