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Art Should Make A Difference

Odd Jeppesen

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December 29th, 2011 - 10:03 AM

Art Should Make A Difference

Beginning today, Wednesday December 28 2011, 40% of the money I make from any sales will be donated to a drop-in center in Herning, Denmark. The center is a haven for the homeless, substance abusers, the emotionally ill and those who are just lonely. It's open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

I want my art to make a difference.


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Colleen Williams

1 Year Ago


Wonderful initiative and inspirational. Hope you are selling lots of your work, Odd. Is a book in the works? I sure would love to buy a book of your art.


Great initiative! Your art WILL matter!

Sequim, WA

It's easy to see from your art that you are a sensitive person who finds beauty everywhere they look. I applaud your desire to help the homeless and wish you much success.

Sharon Coty

4 Years Ago

Alexandria, VA

Odd, you are a very kind and talented soul


You are one of a kind heart Odd. God bless you.

Donato Iannuzzi

4 Years Ago

Sandrigo, Vicenza

Your Art is the reflection of your soul, you find and give the beauty with generous heart.....

Gallery Beguiled

4 Years Ago

Anchorage, AK

Beautiful idea!! I love it!!

Sladja Ivkovic

4 Years Ago

Miami Beach, FL

You are great artist and beautiful person :) Wish your days are filled with smiles and life filed with peace !:) “There is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving”

Doug Davies

4 Years Ago

Portland, OR

I love your commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Laural Russell

4 Years Ago

Edmonton, AB

Odd, your pictures are truly amazing. I absolutely love them.

Chandler, Az

There are so many who need our caring and support . This is a great way to be a blessing to others .

Chandler, Az

There are so many who need our caring and support . This is a great way to be a blessing to others .

Rc Rcd

4 Years Ago

Brisbane, qld

What a wonderful gift, you are a beautiful person :)

Joe Lategan

4 Years Ago

Betty's Bay, Western Cape

Hi Odd. Just went through your images and I am truly amazed. such a range. You are talented indeed.

Smithfield, VA

Odd, I agree with the others who spoke here about your kindness & generosity. You are a multi-talented, outstanding artist with a Heart of Gold. Bravo for you, Odd. Also thanks for your kind words about my amateurish art. I have fun with it, so that is the main idea. I often donate my art to local charities and I feel good when I do that. I feel as if I have been "paid" in something that money itself cannot pay me. Thanks again for all that you do to help those in need.

Maria Disley

4 Years Ago

Melbourne, Vi

You're gentle nature sensitivity and realism comes through in all of your work Odd. I am just deciding waht i can afford, will buy something soon. :))

Miu Dan Popa

4 Years Ago

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

It`s a well intended gesture so i cand only wish you many sales so you can do what you have sed.Best of luck

Amy Bradley

5 Years Ago

Enterprise, Or

This is so wonderful, you will be blessed for this of that I am certain:)) I hope to do something similar too with my art I have worked with homeless,mentally ill, and the lonely and know first hand how much this is needed everywhere. Makes me smile all over that you have done this. Who knows you may be my inspiration too:) Thanks A.B.

Sue OConnor

5 Years Ago

Gardner, MA

Wonderful Odd, I truly believe we should all try to give back and make a difference. I think it is a honorable thing and wish you great success with this. You will alway come out a richer person for giving. Thank you Odd, for caring for others.

Xueling Zou

5 Years Ago


You are not only a great artist, and also have such a generous soul! I admire you so much, inspiring!!

Anne McDonald

5 Years Ago

Redmond, WA

What a creative and generous soul....this is a wonderful way to impact the world around you!

Bryan Dechter

5 Years Ago

Zionville, NC

What a generous and compassionate heart. Great idea!

Marylyn Wiedmaier

5 Years Ago

Cheyenne, WY

There is such a need throughout the world for so many people and it is great there are people like you that care and want to make a difference. I wish you the best in your endeavor. Again you have a sensitivity in your art that expresses great emotion. Marylyn

Odd Jeppesen

5 Years Ago


I appreciate all of your comments, but my pledge is really empty until I begin selling more than I have. My fingers are crossed.

Robert Meanor

5 Years Ago

Dade City, FL

That is very generous of you. I work for a Behavioral Health Clinic and it very hard work and demands alot of funds

Oiyee At Oystudio

5 Years Ago

Toronto, ON

What a great cause, Odd! Your art is great and I'm sure will sell a lot.

Fort Myers, FL

I belong to a gallery that supports a home for abused women. 40% of anything I sell in that gallery goes to meet their needs. A wonderful way for artists to help their community. God bless!

Marian Hebert

5 Years Ago

New Orleans, La

What a wonderful gesture. You will make a difference.

Valerie Bruno

5 Years Ago

Plymouth, MA

You are a shining example of the good in people, Odd. Happy New Year and I hope it holds a booty of health, wealth and wisdom for you.

Susan Capuano

5 Years Ago

Wesley, ME

I commend your efforts to make a difference, your beautiful images should go a long way in helping this worthy cause. Great idea from a great artist!

Kathi Shotwell

5 Years Ago

Waldo, FL

What a kindness. Your beautiful art will beget more beauty.

Luke Moore

5 Years Ago

Holden, MA

Odd - I think that is an awesome thing that you are doing! I work for a non-profit... a food bank. We distribute food to shelters, food pantries, and soup kitchens. Some of those organizations run entirely on volunteers. It's really amazing to see folks helping others directly, there is something to be said for that. Keep up the good work all the way around.

Elizabeth Giupponi

5 Years Ago

Miami Beach, FL

What a wonderful idea and for a great cause. Everybody deserves a second chance, and the recovered need to be appreciated on their efforts to live a better life without drugs. I wish all the success, well-deserved for such a beautiful altruistic act.

Mosman, NSW

You are a wonderful person and a wonderful artist, Odd.....what a fine thing you are doing via your Art......the old saying is true: "When you receive a kindness, pass it on". Congratulations.

Mary Bedy

5 Years Ago

St. Clair, MI

What you give away comes back to you....very good Karma here, Odd. I applaud your efforts and wish you success!