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Artist Alexandra Cherepanova

Aleksandra Cherepanova

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July 13th, 2019 - 03:44 PM

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Artist Alexandra Cherepanova

Artist Alexandra Cherepanova

Dear friends! Thank you for visiting my page! If your attention is focused on my art, then now I know that you are my friend! If you love and understand my art, then we are on the same wavelength and you are my true friend! Art as a litmus paper for human relations. You can not divide the artist and his art! What I do is a direct continuation of my mind and heart, which means I myself! Thank you for being here!
I will tell you some secrets about myself and my art.
My name is Alexandra Cherepanova. I am an artist working in the genre of modern art. My goal is quality avant-garde for everyone! Which is nice to create for you and even more enjoyable to watch. Powerful art that you want to take home!
All my works have a philosophical meaning. Everything is imbued with symbolism! Colors matter, characters are encrypted in abstraction. All my art is strong and philosophical! It is important to carefully study to see what you need.
I see no point in art without philosophy. Otherwise, it is empty for me. Therefore, it is everywhere!
But I understand that it is not interesting for everyone. And my art is for everyone !!! And not for a narrow group of people! Therefore, I make it multi-layered.
My art has several semantic levels.
1. For all
2. Philosophical exclusive
Under each of these points is not always only one sense! Often in each group a lot of them.
The general meaning for all is to attract the masses. Sometimes it's just something beautiful or cute. Often these are romantic stories visualized on canvas. Love stories have always attracted, attract and will attract a lot of people. Therefore, it is very important to include romance or sex in art. It is for everyone who is capable of love and passion! Before, I did not like romantic art, because it seems unreal to me. And I create art work about true love!
Philosophical meaning. My reasoning is about life and about the world. This puzzle is in each of my art work! And often not alone! This is an exclusive part for smart people. For those who are able to think, think and reason. Catch associations from abstraction, decrypt ciphers, solve puzzles.
In order to understand my art completely you have to be me! But this may not be enough. Sometimes it opens something that I myself do not expect.
I make art for everyone! Therefore, in addition to the semantic load and puzzles, I also watch it fit into modern interiors. Most of my work looks great almost everywhere!
I am also very careful to make my art extremely optimistic! I want to bring something good and pleasant to the world. Cheer up and improve your day, and therefore life. This can be called my creative credo!
The magic of my art delights people and myself!
Yes, I can not please everyone! But if you've read this far, then you definitely like it. So you are we on the same wavelength! Thanks for reading and enjoy! And of course, enjoy your art shopping! After all, you can buy exclusive originals of works in a single copy and prints on what you like, a great choice!

Biography from the author
I have a huge list of exhibitions and awards around the world. Paintings in museums and private collections. Where I just did not participate and that just did not do.
How did it happen that I became a popular artist? How did I become one of the best? And how did it all begin? I will try to describe briefly.
Often in articles about me make mistakes. They write that Alexandra Cherepanova is a Russian artist from Moscow. This is a shortcut. I will tell you a secret, all this is not entirely true. I was born in the USSR in 1983 and grew up in an era of change. It influenced a lot in my life and work.
I am not a Russian artist! I think of myself as an international artist! Nowadays, when the Internet has disconnected the whole world - otherwise it is already difficult to perceive ourselves. So I think this is a relic of the past.
And I live in a village in the Moscow region, and not in Moscow. I do not like big cities. I like to be closer to nature. I like to walk in the woods and paint landscapes.
Since childhood, I went hiking. With parents, then on tour clubs. I traveled a lot in Russia, in wild rivers and mountains. This significant part of my biography also greatly influenced my work. I love and appreciate intimacy with Nature! And, of course, I write a lot of landscapes. When I studied, they were realistic, then they became stylized under my author's styles. Which I managed to invent a lot of different.
In general, I have always been engaged in creativity, but not always planned to do it professionally. And when it came time to choose a profession, I had a lot of ideas. I loved biology and made homemade ointments and cosmetics from medicinal plants and oils. And she studied at the zero course at the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. What a joy that I did not go there! And life turned me into visual art!
I want to draw always and I love my job with all my heart!
I used to write poems and stories, played the guitar and sang, danced and much more. But then I realized that the focus is better to do on one thing. I chose a visual from all the arts and am very happy to choose! This international art is understandable to all people on the planet. It has no language and almost no cultural barriers.
I entered the Academy of Painting at the University of Natalia Nesterova, the specialty easel and monumental painting. While I was studying, the name changed several times. As a result, I graduated from the Moscow Academy of Education Natalia Nesterova specialty easel painting. The monumental name was removed from the title, but it was not enough to study.
Studying at the Academy of Painting was a good time! I had teachers who were great artists of the Soviet past: Anatoly Vladimirovich Kuznetsov (an artist who created many Soviet films, and then taught painting at our place); Kulakov Vadim Alekseevich (famous monumentalist and teacher of painting, composition, monumental painting); Suvorov Alexander Borisovich (a famous graphic artist led our academic drawing); Alimov Sergey Alexandrovich (famous graphic illustrator, chief artist of the puppet theater, artist animator of famous Soviet cartoons; we led an illustration, graphic composition and theater).
In general, it was who learns from. And I am very pleased with the training. Although in practice I use 5% of it. Any education involves teaching classics, academic art. And after that you have a common base, which you can apply as you like. I myself have also been teaching for a long time. And I agree with this statement. However, as a teacher, I think that it is necessary somewhere in the third year to divide those who want to practice classics and modern art. Because 6 years of learning realistic art is very much for those who want to draw an abstraction or make video art. Academic art needs all! But in different quantities, very different.
We had clever teachers and did not press especially so as not to crush individuality. What I really appreciate! I was lucky with them!
After training, I wrote in several different styles. I wrote landscapes and multi-figure compositions in my own author's manner, but in general, as taught at the university. By that time I had already invented my author's frescoes and wrote them with a palette knife. And my author's style - gnulism - drawn with wavy lines. He was always with me! But then he was completely different. In the form in which you know him today, it will appear a little later.
But I joined the Moscow Union of Artists. Therefore, she exhibited and showed mostly pictorial narrative compositions with people and, less often, landscapes. For 5 long years I have exhibited in the union of artists and participated in each exhibition. Of course, this place is not for me. To be honest, it is not for anyone. A relic of the past, I do not know why it is needed today.
Then I found the Art Week project. An international project that obsolete exhibitions and competitions around the world. And away! I have 10-15 exhibitions per year around the world! My works won contests in Russia, in Europe, in Asia and everywhere. My work became interested in and buy them. And now I am a member of the expert council of the jury with them. Because really a lot of awards and merit.
Also, my work fell into several museums in Russia and in Europe.
Now I am exhibiting in the central Moscow gallery of the Romanov Dvor. And also I work with the Swiss Art Box Gallery, which shows my work at important world festivals, biennale and fairs. Now there are few exhibitions, but they are very famous.
I actively run my social networks. There I show and sell my art. All social networks are just for friends, I closed. Too much time is spent on advertising in social networks. But I have a lot of subscribers. And many people saw my art. In general, thanks to social networks, more people see me than at exhibitions. Although this, of course, is not what is alive.
I am good to all offers and all subscribers! But I can not answer all personally. You are very much that I am, of course, pleased.
You can always follow me on social networks!
But all the best here in the store. In addition, there is an exclusive original art work. As well as prints on bags, t-shirts and wall pictures. Look, there is a lot there! Enjoy viewing and enjoy your shopping!

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