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Artist Goals 2014 - Targeting My Marketing Efforts

Neil McKenzie

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March 21st, 2014 - 08:06 PM

Artist Goals 2014 - Targeting My Marketing Efforts

Ok, marketing takes a lot of time, effort and money but you probably already knew that. You need to be as efficient as possible in marketing “the what and to who you offer your art”. Target marketing is matching up the right products with the right customers. The opposite of target marketing has been called Shotgun Marketing. Shotgun marketing has its applications but probably not as a basic marketing strategy for your art business.

The first step in target marketing is to define categories to describe what you are selling (your product list). Next define the categories or segments that best describe your customers or prospects (your customer group list. Once you have matched the right product with the right customer group you can then begin to develop effective marketing strategies for each combination – this is why it is called “Target Marketing”.

In the linked article I will show you how to develop your customer and product lists and how to put them together so you can start to prioritize and plan your marketing efforts. Good Luck!

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Rhonda Falls

3 Years Ago

San Antonio, TX

I really enjoyed reading this article. I know I will need to refer to it often throughout my marketing efforts. Thank you for such thorough and timely information.