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Artist Review Sharon Lisa Clarke

Thelma Harcum

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September 7th, 2012 - 02:01 PM

Artist Review   Sharon Lisa Clarke

Artist Review: Sharon Lisa Clarke

Sharon Lisa Clarke who lives in England is the 1st Place Winner via FAA Member Votes of the "British Olympic Art" contest.

Her art entered is called "London Olympic 2012". The backdrop of London, the British Flag, and athlete really captured this spectacular event of the Olympics in London. Indeed a colorful picture Post Card-
image you will love and remember by.

Sharon art creations include that of photography and digital. Her images entails that of landscapes, floras, animals, insects, marine, birds, and many abstract creations.

Sharon has a wonderful and natural love of nature and life. Her work is intense and true to her heart.
When you see the work she do, you also feel the spirit of the person who created it.
She is a "force" to be reckoned with for sure! A Presence.

I see in Sharon's art a person, who really strives for the perfect image in every way because every image is first visualized and then visualized from a total different perspective in her experimentation with colors, tones, and shades. In photography, and I'm not an expert in photography, she also show a perspective from the various angles.
Some of the other images I love on Sharon's site are:
1. Tower Bridge
2. Poppy
3. Afternoon Tea
5. Brixham Harbor
6. Linked
7. Grace
8. Birdhouse
9. Blossom and Butterflies
10. Cerises

Sharon is an artist who has reached a depth of insight to visualize and capture images in their natural state and habitat; thereby, giving support to the environment that we must all respect, preserve, and appreciate.

You can learn more about Sharon Lisa Clarke at her FAA website:

Sharon's other websites:
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Art/Artist Review Written by,
Thelma Harcum

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Sharon Lisa Clarke

5 Years Ago

Hastings, East Sussex

Thank you, yes it is a great review from Thelma :) x

Thelma Harcum

5 Years Ago

Willingboro, NJ

Hello Steve H and Eva Kato, Thank you for your wonderful comments. I e-mailed Sharon of your visit to her review. A review was part of the prize of the winners and all of the 10 members who were part of the contest. I just visited your art websites and love both of your photography. I wish I could travel to some of the places you've been. However, I get to visit through your beautiful photos. Both of your Photography is just amazing! Feel free to write me anytime. Thelma Harcum

Eva Kato

5 Years Ago

Toronto, ON

Congratulations Sharon onl the win and on the favourable but true review. Go girl!

SteveH Photos

5 Years Ago


What a wonderful review! Sharon must be so happy. I am still a newbie here but would love go get a review too lol