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Artistic Exspressions All over the Movie Black Panther

Thelma Harcum

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February 25th, 2018 - 12:02 AM

Artistic Exspressions All over the Movie Black Panther

Hello All, I haven't written much here lately. A lot is going on! Lots of changes with the new President. Everyday is a new story from the Washington DC network. It seems as if we are toss around like a ball that bounce around to anywhere and really nowhere. On the lighter side, it was a great win for the Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl Championship and Superbowl Win! I am so happy for them, as they worked hard all year to get there. It was their time and a boost to the city of Philadelphia and also surrounding areas, like New Jersey and Delaware! We really needed a reason to have a party and this was the big one.
What I'm writing about now is the movie Black Panther, by the Marvel company. I really enjoyed the movie and was impressed by all of the creativity in it.
The movie sets was so colorful and creative to the extreme. If you ever wonder where the need for art is, just see a movie like that and it will make you wonder who came up with the idea of costumes, background, special effects and story. And shall I say, mostly all black actors. You can take your art to another level and take risk by rethinking the type of artist you could be by taking a lesson from this movie and others like it. The use of color really blend so well throughout the movie. Out of all of it, even during the day fight scenes, you had the dark and the light tempered nicely. The color wheel was really taking for a spin. Nicely! If you are a photographer, and after seeing this movie, you might see the world a little different, because there where scenes in the movie that was shot at so many angles that you got drawn into the movie with the water splashes in your face and flesh hitting the rocks. Of course it was a 3D movie that gave you that effect and that was an asset that drew you in.
The acting was like no other and the emotions felt real. There was many life messages that I'm sure many identified with. For a while, I thought they were talking about Trump. What I take away from this is that Marvel took a chance on brilliant actors, artist, and director who did an awesome job that bought a new perspective to the world of comics and the diversity of blacks being a major part of it! We all have a special talent and where there is diversity, there is a new perspective. If you have seen this movie, what is your opinion about the movie.


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