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Being Tiny

Michal Madison

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June 28th, 2013 - 12:34 AM

Being Tiny

"There are moments in all of our lives when we forget our true greatness & allow others to make us feel small. when that happens, think of all the magical things you could do if you really were tiny. & soon you'll remember who you really are...
here's to your greatness!"

Being Tiny

I Feel Small… It’s definitely not a feeling I would choose, if I had my choice of feelings. But here it is. Seriously, how can feeling “small” feel so big? Small should just feel small and insignificant. But it doesn’t. Feeling Small and insignificant is usually huge and overwhelming! Have you ever felt really, really small? You know, someone said something or did something and in an instant you feel smaller than Tom Thumb inside!

I’ve felt that way many times throughout my life. I’m trying something new. I’m trying to embrace whatever emotion I’m feeling. Emotions never stay forever, so I’m trying to make friends with whatever emotion happens to be in my life at the moment. So I ask myself, ‘is feeling small really all that bad?’

There are moments in all of our lives when we forget our true greatness and allow others to make us feel small. When that happens, I'm choosing to think of all the magical things we could do if we really were small. You know, discover the wonder of small.

Think of all the small things that we just love! Like babies, kittens and puppies, well, little baby anything, tiny flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies, ladybugs and… the list can go on and on, because I love little things… dainty earrings, thin tiny paintbrushes for painting the details in eyes and small spoons to savor every little bite of ice cream! Yes! I like small spoons. What small things do you really like?

So, I imagine myself magical, like a flower fairy, or Thumbelina. I'd really like to try out being tiny enough to hide under flowers, dance with bumblebees and fly on the back of a sparrow! Life would be totally different from that perspective. Wayne Dyer says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” That is so true!

Thinking about how fabulous and fantastic teeny tiny small is, we soon remember who we really are... we remember our greatness.

I realize I'm changing the way I look at what happened and why I've been feeling small, I'm able to see from their point of view. These people are going through their own personal “stuff” probably feeling ‘small’ in a not-so-magical way. Their decisions are a reflection of their life, not about me. Regardless of how I feel, it isn’t personal.

On top of that, my feeling small, really has nothing to do with this situation, it goes back to childhood wounds. I always felt seen for what I could do, but never seen for who I was. That simple fact made me feel very small and insignificant as a child... maybe invisible! So what happened in the present triggered that response from a long time ago. Now I can easily and completely forgive these people whose actions simply triggered a something from my past. They had no idea. It really is MY deal. Now that I understand, I can heal.

Next time someone hurts your feelings or you find yourself misunderstood, or misunderstanding another person’s actions, try looking at your situation from a different perspective — maybe from under a flower or on the wings of a sparrow! You may be surprised at what you see from a new point of view!

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Mary Graziano

4 Years Ago

Stoney Creek, Ontario - Canada

What a great inspiration for others. Our past kept us small, hidden away, that's how I felt, small by having no voice, but that now is no longer true. Being small does have its advantages like you said Michal..big hugs and love to yo my friend.