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Big Face Climber

Bob Christopher

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January 13th, 2013 - 02:41 PM

Big Face Climber

The techniques for producing "Big Face Climber" are very similar to the "Seeking Enlightenment" image. The only difference is that I didn't change the opacity of the climber as I did with the Monk. The statue is real and I took this image in Vancouver British Columbia. The climber I photographed in Moab, Utah. Since the light worked out as a composite and the red of the climber's hat would stand out against the statue I chose to make a composite of the two images. A bit of careful erasing on the climber layer to remove the red rock he was climbing and the changing the scale of the climber to make him smaller I was able to make a somewhat believable image.
This digital work on the computer isn't that different in outcome than many very early photographs that were produced in darkrooms of the past. The "Digital Darkroom" has a lot to it and one that requires a lot of time to understand. This is a "fun image" for me as most of my images are not altered very much if at all. That being said, ALL of my images are adjusted to my tastes in various programs to make my images as good as I can make them. Photography great Ansel Adams or ALL of the other great photographers worked long and hard on their negatives in their darkrooms to polish their images before the advent of Digital Darkrooms.
I shoot in the RAW Format almost exclusively. My NEF files are similar to a negative from a film camera...the file and the negative are simply raw information. The JPEG you see on the back of your digital camera is the adjusted view as the camera thinks it should look. Adjustments in computer programs like Photoshop make the image appear the way you saw it or the way you want it to appear...just like the Old Days with Modern Equipment.
I hope you enjoy "The Yawn" (which is the next image for today)...which is what you may be doing about now...Cheers Bob

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