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Campbells Soup and Bottle Service

Ricky Sencion

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December 31st, 2012 - 01:02 PM

Campbells Soup and Bottle Service

Uh-oh! I woke this morning not feeling too well. Iím just getting back from a short walk and getting a couple of cans of Campbell soup. Itís my favorite thing to eat when Iím not @100%. It looks like Iíll be spending New Years Eve all alone and calling it an early night. But itís all good. Thereís a difference between being alone and feeling alone. With God's given imagination and all the love in my life, I couldnít possible feel alone. Iím actually looking forward to a quiet day at home in my pajamas.

As I reflect back on this year, though I went through the most challenging time in my life, I remain grateful. Luckily after 4months, it passed and the world didnít end. Weíre still here!

Iím grateful for the memories of being with my family. I will cherish the times we spent in Tulum Mexico and Puerto Rico. Iím grateful for my friends whom have enlightened my life; Iím grateful for their understanding, compassion, and support. Iím grateful inspiration, that after all these years, Iím still being provided with new ideas. Iím grateful for my dreams, each night I go to sleep, Iím inspired, entertained, and even given guidance.

Last night, I finally finished watching both seasons of MTVís show Teen Wolf. The boys are beautiful. Surprisingly, they quoted Winston Churchill, ďWhen going though hell, keep going.Ē I loved this. Through those tough months of what seemed like hell, I kept going, and I survived. I kept walking, reading, writing, drawing, and believing that greatness would come. Surprisingly while going through it, I started my latest series, LITTLE Pop. Itís changed my world. Itís like I get to see the world through color again. The piece here is titled ĎCampbells.í Warhol inspires it.

At work I like to tell Digby that I made my reservations in hell and that I made sure to get Ďbottle serviceí VIP of course! It makes me laugh. Tonight, I wonít be celebrating or drinking, but Iíll look forward to an early morning walk tomorrow. An early morning walk on New Years Day is amazing; itís like I get the city to myself. As the New Year approaches, Iím filled with a great sense of curiosity.

Cheers to you all, to LIFE! I wish each one of you in this world, peace in your hearts and joy in your eyes.


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