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Chasing ShrimpBoats

Patricia Greer

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August 10th, 2013 - 04:28 PM

Chasing ShrimpBoats

Beaufort South Carolina, was recently named the USA's happiest coastal city 2013. This is where I live. Lucky me.

Yesterday I drove out to Hunting Island, and on the way, stopped at the Gay Fish Company, did not get one good shot of shrimp boats, colorful characters or even a bird , but I loved it. I stood on the dock and let the wind move through my hair. I took deep breaths of sea air and the world was all right.

I was born in Ohio, nowhere near the ocean, a river or even a creek or pond. water, nowhere. I never saw marshland until 1995 when I arrived in Beaufort from WestCliffe Colorado. Yes, I went from 8,000 feet altitude to sea level in three long days driving a truck, hauling a sailboat. From a place where the snow blew sideways on Memorial Day to a place that is a tropical paradise, except for some little bugs we call no see ums.

Yesterday I drove out from Beaufort, over the Woods Bridge...which opens for sailboats, stopping traffic to wait....a nice sight actually, then over Ladies Island, to St Helena Island, on to Harbor Island and another bridge that stops traffic for boats...and there it was, The JC out there in the river which leads to the ocean. I cannot resist these boats. I stopped along side the road, traffic zooming past me.....why were they zooming, I wonder...they are already here, why not drive along slow and take it all in? I jumped out of my car, crossed the road and slammed myself up against the guard rail to steady myself and my camera trying for some shots of the JC churning around and around, probably scooping up shrimp. After a bit I realized I was not getting anything useful but I watched her for awhile anyway, imagining how it would be to be out there, porpoise and seagulls circling around for a free bit of dinner.

What a life...Lucky me. Visit my site for many scenes of Beaufort and the Sea Islands


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Belinda Greb

3 Years Ago

Vida, OR

I guess I didn't leave a comment the first time, Patricia. Keep at this - your writing is so good. Left a longer comment on the discussion!

Barbara Chichester

3 Years Ago

Las Cruces, NM

Really liked your blog Patricia, I too live in Colorado and am relocating (when the property is sold) back to the west coast of Florida....lived there for 25 years and after spending time in these beautiful mountains. Going back to the island..appreciate your love of the visages. I appreciate that and understand it. You write well and have inspired me to try my hand at this...when things wind down...all the best to you and continued success, you do beautiful work! Happy Trails and Sales!

Patricia Greer

3 Years Ago

Beaufort, SC

You know, the ocean is wonderful but it is the marsh which really makes me happy. I can be in the pits of despair and drive a little way and look out over the marsh and see the grass swaying in the wind, the water winding in and around and through it, and I feel good. It makes me remember things that are really important, makes me grateful and reminds me that God is everywhere.

Marianne Campolongo

3 Years Ago

Chappaqua, NY

Wonderful blog Patricia. Look forward to reading more. It must be lovely to live near the sea!