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Chicago Artist MendyZ Creates Stunning Works of Art of the Chicago Skyline


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June 21st, 2013 - 12:59 AM

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Chicago Artist MendyZ Creates Stunning Works of Art of the Chicago Skyline

Chicago Artist MendyZ Creates Stunning Works of Art of the Chicago Skyline

There are only a handful of large cities like New York, Los Angeles or Miami that can boast an interesting and uniquely original skyline. But Chicago takes the cake. Chicago is a work of art. It has been called a more cleaner New York with all the best features crammed into a smaller area. Chicago is gorgeous and original. It has the hustle and bustle of a large grand city, but the friendship and kindness of a small town. There is politics, and culture, and things that attract a worldwide audience such as the work of art affectionately called the bean. It takes a special artist to grasp what the skyline has to offer and instill it within a medium. The Chicago artist MendyZ has worked on this in numerous series of his works. He has captured Chicago on paper, canvas, sculptural, intaglio, serigraph, in oil, and acrylic. He has been called an upcoming modern master. But his latest works are sculptural works of art on canvas. They are both anchored and weightily while appearing light and lofty. This is definitely what Chicago likes to do as well. That is be intense and full of substance while being a light and airy city of love, aesthetic, and balance.

Chicago has been around for over 100 years in it's present form. It has been an innovator and pushed the architectural envelop within the realm of skyscrapers. It is easy to grasp this by simply looking at the skyline from afar. The aesthetic intensity of this amazing string of buildings work together just as a canvas to hold the picture of our city in its entirety. Of course Chicago has had the tallest worldwide building for over 25 years and still holds that title nationwide. The Sears Tower (also called the Willis Tower in recent years), and the newer Trump tower help keep us nationally ranked for pushing the limits of the sky.

But don't let those two keep you entertained within our gorgeous city, we also have the John Hancock, Aon Tower, and the Prudential Plaza building which help us maintain an amazing skyline to paint and recreate on canvas as original works of art. Chicago has this deep inherent aesthetic quality that generates the perfect composition on canvas. It makes the artist job easier, and allows MendyZ to work on the hard intangible task of infusing a sense of wonder and self within the artwork. If you look at the recent works of the artist MendyZ you will notice that the artist has taken advantage of the clusters of buildings and the general incline and ebb and flow of the coast. In general the city of Chicago is notable for having a well-organized &consistently balanced and beautiful skyline.

The Chicago galleries are filled with Chicago artists like MendyZ that have created wonderful works of art of from the architecture of the city. You can recreate a photo by going to the Adler Planetarium which is south of the loop, Michigan Avenue, and Millennium Park with the Bean on one of the most eastern point of the city behind the Shedd Aquarium. Or you can head north to the Beaches near Boystown and Lakeview and Lincoln Park and take a view of Lake Shore Drive looking south towards the John Hancock Center and Drake Hotel. Either way by creating a photo of yourself you can enhance and personalize the artwork you purchase from the artist MendyZ. They will hand cohesively on your wall together and raise lots of conversations in the years to come.

Artist paintings of Chicago' skyline can be easily found but the key is discovering artists like MendyZ that can not only recreate the skyline but also infuse it with a sense of oneness with the artist. There are many fine artists, and each has their own unique and fantastically creative style that offer the art connoisseur a wide choice of original artwork to select from. Never was there a better city to buy paintings of than Chicago!

If you are coming to visit the city be sure to stop by the gallery.

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Sincerely hoping that you enjoy the great city of Chicago,


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