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Come Swim In My Pond With A Brush Or Keystroke

Marty Hermes

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January 26th, 2013 - 02:19 PM

Come Swim In My Pond With A Brush Or Keystroke

Life … a textured fabric woven in Divine Fashion…

Posted by Marty Hermes

When tears stream down my cheeks at someone’s passing, they are tears of joy from me, also an artist….a painter with a brush and with words. Not that I am not sad at their passing, never hearing their voice or laugh again or seeing the sparkle in their eyes or the beauty in their smile…Those things I will always miss…

And then there are those whose human life has been spared by no more than a miraculous touch of God’s hand, given further chances to see and experience the gifts of life on this planet, for those moments I am ever grateful. For the miracles of medicine and creativity and all the talents of people we weave together within the fabric of our lives…

Threads woven together to create ….life!

The sad news of the loss of someone’s loved one, has enabled me to ponder the connections we each have as human beings in this world, the best way for me to describe my perception, is like a colorful swatch of the finest fabric, intricately woven with different texture threads and yarns, twisting, turning, over and under and through each other to complete the fabric design…..Among the threads a shimmer, a simple strand of glistening gold, that golden thread symbolic of God, our Father, our Lord that has woven himself through the threaded pathways of our lives.

Dark hues of crimson, royal blue, soft earthy sages and willow, bright and cheerful buttercup yellows and sunset blazing oranges….all intricately woven with each choice we make, each risk we take, each smile we give away, each kissed cheek we touch, each hand-held, each head of hair tousled….each amazing accomplishment, each dark and sad loss, each shining crystal accomplishment….all threads….single strands, as we each are, woven tightly together to fashion a coat of many colors, a coat to provide warmth, joy, tenderness and to embellish the life we are living….

We all on this huge planet are but tiny threads….and we allow God to weave them into the lives of others, strangers who once we meet become treasured friends…

All of us have an obligation it seems to hone our gifts and talents….to refresh our spirits whether by a blooming garden where flowers can be clipped to brighten someones day, or by baking a delicacy to feed the body of a nearby neighbor, or perhaps it’s a painting of a picture that is a moment in time to be remembered for a life time or prose or poetry that speak from ones heart to encourage and soothe the spirit of someone else….We all have gifts….Are we using them? Have we defined what they are? And who would benefit from giving them away?

Even if it’s a timely kind word, compliment or a warm welcoming smile….it can mean the world to someone special or to one who doesn’t feel so special at the moment…Awesome snippets of remarkable good news should teach all of us NOT to take a breath for granted. We as Baby Boomers know all too well the sorrow of our loved ones ills or passing, life is fleeting moment that we must be grateful for….to praise God for…for none of us know how short this lifetime truly is.

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