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Concert bug

David Sees

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September 11th, 2019 - 04:30 PM

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Concert bug

I was never the type to attend parties as a young man or to go to many concerts, and the thing was I always wanted too but was somewhat intimidated about the scene that I had built up in my mind... ya see in my mind there was this whole attitude of people that went to the concerts I wanted to attend; they were oozing with charisma and stamina not to mention they were seriously hardcore, none of these words came close to describing me when I was younger.

I grew up and I mean really grew up went into the military and did things I still can't discuss and then came home and one of my friends got me started on to this new music genre many refer to as country rap, by introducing me to a group by the name of The Lacs and the first song was " Redneck Throwdown" which also had another group which I had no idea at the time would change my life for the better and forever. they are called The Moonshine Bandits, I was hooked between the look the sound, everything about them and then I found out that these guys were coming to my town for a concert and I had to see them but I had just missed the Bandits yet the Lacs were right around the corner so I bought 2 tickets because I was determined I was going and I was going to take my best friend with me.

Our first Country rap concert was the Racket county tour with The Lacs and Hard Target and Cymple man and Crucifix and Oh my gosh My whole soul was lit on fire and finally alive I finally felt like something in me woke up after being sleeping in a dusty basement for a thousand years. and the concert bug had got a hold of me but alas not just any concert would do, no no no they had to be bumping and usually I look for the ones that are done in dive bars by upcoming artist or by local artist and here's why... because they put their all into every show and then still want to hang out and get to know their fans and share drinks and stories and that is absolutely amazing to me. ya see I am kinda spoiled in the sense that I had this happen from my first concert with The Lacs when they came out into the bar and Crucifix was there and gave me a shoutout in one of his sets and then we shared 3 drinks and hung out me Crucifix his wife and my best friend and the Lacs (Clay and Rooster) and then unfortunately before Cymple and Ryan could join us we had to leave but it was a great night and one that would set the tone for all my concerts.

Now the concert bug gets people in different ways and at different times in their lives ... for me it's just now happening and many reading this may sit back and think well it's not the most expensive mid-life crisis he could go through and your right, its not since I'm perfectly content with the cheap seats and GA (general admission) for the most part, unless they have a meet and greet pkg at one of these bar, shows then I do tend to try and purchase it. and for some, the bug may never bite them so if you happen to be in a relationship where someone wants to attend the occasional concerts be supportive and if you are on the other end and you're wondering why your significant other doesn't ever want to go with you be understanding and supportive. there are many reasons this could be. perhaps they have got the bug out of their system when they were younger or maybe they never got bit.

so you could find a small venue to introduce them to it and see how they like it and see if they get hooked to the music first remember not everybody can jump into the deep end right on the first event.

moral: if your bit or have ever been bitten you know that those who don't get it may never and if you never been bitten by the bug that causes the concert fever and have someone in your life that has may you simply have patience.. eventually they will realize their bodies can't keep up anymore..lol


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