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Creating Together

Lisa Guarino

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October 10th, 2012 - 04:17 PM

Creating Together

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“Creating Together”

Halloween is approaching. Ideas for costumes and decorations have become part of our conversations. My oldest has decided to be a Bunny and my youngest to be a Cheetah cat.

This year they wanted to create a costume.

I helped my oldest put Bunny ears on a head band. Then I help my youngest make cat paws. They made some decorations for the windows too.

It’s great when we can pull our ideas together and create something special.

I’ve found collaborating with others very fulfilling.

One recent project I did was to create a Garden Memorial sign for my aunt in memory of my uncle who died a few months ago. She commissioned me to do it.

There are details to discuss when doing a commission. Especially with a project so close to the heart.

In creating the wooden plaque - Garden Memorial sign, I thought about the things he loved, liked and also the things he mentioned that stood out in his life. My aunt and I talked about those things and other ideas. The ideas that we felt most reflected him became the images on the plaque.

I painted a large tree, because he loved nature.
I placed a white dog under the tree in memory of the dogs he had had throughout his life.
Amidst His name and word- Garden on the sign were puffy clouds that represented for her his wonderful soft personality.

It was a wonderful gift to create and share. We were all very touched.

Art and creating can bring people together in very special ways.

Thought I’d Share how I made Bunny Ears:

Pen or pencil
Paint and brush
Small knife: adult only
Twisty Ties- those twist ties that one finds in the vegetable/fruit sections at the grocery store.
Head Band

On a piece of Cardboard I drew big Bunny ears. My daughter decided to stay with the cardboard color for main ear color. She chose white for the inner ear shape. She painted the inner ear.
Once the paint dried we cut out the Bunny ears.
I took a small knife and cut out 2 small slits/holes at the bottom of each ear. Then I put two twisty ties through the slits/holes. I wrapped the twisty ties around the head band and twisted them tight two times. There was a part of the twisty ties that had not been twisted. I bend up the twist tie so it lay on the back of the Bunny ear. Lastly I taped that part of the twisty tie to the Back of the Bunny ear so it would stand up.
It came out great.

Questions, Comments about this project. Let me know.


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