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Don Quixote fighting the dragon

Ray Khalife

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August 5th, 2013 - 01:41 PM

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Don Quixote fighting the dragon

I have done three versions of Don Quixote over the years. I started painting this piece without the subject matter in mind. My first strokes were the white spot towards the center. Later, the different earthy and warm colors around it. At this moment, the vibrant red/orange mixture triggered a fight scene in my mind and inspired this version of Don Quixote's-character, a simple man fighting the wind. The green space above the mid-center were meant to be a base color for some faraway greenery above the horizon line (which I liked and didn't want to remove)...... I paused for a while and decided to introduce another twist to the idea of Don Quixote fighting the wind. I turned the green into a dragon. I completed the piece by adding a few layers of landscape, mountain hills, a couple of windmills in the distance and the main character in the center riding a donkey with a "foxy head". This is exactly how this piece was created. I truly enjoyed painting it that evening. By the time I was done with it my swinging mood had calmed down completely and was ready to get to bed.

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