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Eco-tourer Slipstream Caravan

Ryn Shell

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October 20th, 2017 - 09:18 AM

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Eco-tourer Slipstream Caravan

At the Leisurefest RV and Caravan Show, at Bendigo this weekend, it was the Eco-Tourer Slipstream caravan, that was drawing the crowd’s attention.

Reg and I, Love this van, we have owned one and toured Australia in it for half of each of the past two years.

All three models were on show at the Leisurefest, the off-highway, shower and en-suite toilet model that Reg and I have. We had the greatest of fun slipping inside to look with the other viewers, and when people asked as what we thought of the van, we told them we owned one and LOVED it and how well Caravan Court has looked after us with after sales service. I do not hear that said about all caravan dealers.

This is not a paid review, just the opinion of two VERT HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Eco-tourer, slipstream, off-highway van with en-suite is a fantastically designed van, everything we need in a brilliant design.

I am the driver, and I hardly know I am towing.

I was frequently asked by those waiting for a chance to get inside and inspect this great van, ‘Can you stand up beside the bed and not bang your head?'

Yes, there is heaps of room to sit up in bed and to stand up beside the bed, and to shower, there is plenty of internal height, at the en-suite end of the van. We had an AVan A Liner before we had the Eco-tourer; you know those triangular vans that are 'up in 30 seconds'? Well, the Eco-tourer is even easier to assemble and take down.

I would recommend solid-sided folding vans over any soft-sided folding van. We have seen couples struggle for an hour, attempting to close a canvas sided, folding van when the wind is blowing. The soft-sided vans do not insulate against heat or cold, anywhere near as well as these hard sided folding vans do.

We had a dream drive from Hervey Bay to Marlborough, Queensland, Australia today.

Here I am adding to the graffiti mural at the invitation of the Marlborough Hotel tonight. I'm adding my name to the internal walls of this country pub which has become my office for the evening.

Travellers can camp overnight in the hotel carpark for a modest cost.

I travel extensively to draw inspiration for my paintings and writing from life experience.
You will discover my Australian rural-lit novels at www.rural-lit.com

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