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Expressing Your Artistic Inspiration beyond Technical Excellence

Expressive Landscapes Fine Art Photography by Thom

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August 17th, 2013 - 10:21 AM

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Expressing Your Artistic Inspiration beyond Technical Excellence

To be a successful fine art photographer in today's very competitive market it takes much more than just being technically strong. The artist should display a sense of emotional connection to the scene they are photographing. Not only that, it is up to the photographer to allow their enthusiasm for the image they have created to flow through and make a connection with the viewer.

Often times, it takes multiple visits to a particular location to determine the best lighting situation and allow the subject to literally "speak" to the photographer before it is possible to create a masterpiece. Since the camera is only a cold blooded machine that does not understand your emotional connection to the scene before you, post production is just as important as having flawless technical skills. The camera's sensor can only record the information based on the exposure triangle settings (ISO-Shutter speed-aperture)

Obviously this takes a commitment on the part of the creator to expand their skill set beyond the comprehension scope of the exposure triangle and an effective composition! So where do you fall in? Does your artwork tell a story and connect to the viewer? Or do you fall short of your goals and just wait miserably for a sale to come your way?

In this article published on the "New England Photography Guild" website I take the reader on a voyage of Connecticut's revolutionary past of the historic and beautifully rustic Grist Mill of Kent as well as my techniques for finding your Artistic Inspiration.

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