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FAA Masks

Tony Lee

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June 6th, 2020 - 12:09 PM

FAA Masks

My wife Sheila sold some facemasks last month. She was so happy and excited to have a sale, plus at the time of the sale, she was active in sewing hundreds and more facemasks everyday to send to New York state hospitals. Update to the real world and the present: She just learned that one of her sales for masks went to a friend, and the delivery of the masks took over a month, plus the masks were NOT as advertised! The advertised masks were plain with a slight pleat at the edge only; the masks received by her friend were with full pleats, just as Sheila has been sewing these past weeks!! With a full pleat, any image on the front will NOT be fully seen, so buying a mask with an image on it will NOT be a good thing!!! Be careful of what is sold, or what YOU are selling through this website, because of this event, it now makes me aware of other FAA products sold, that due to its size, texture or both, a great image created by me, you or anyone else, would look TERRIBLE, thus making you and I look bad due to a poorly "made" product. I'll be looking through ALL my products and removing those which have pleats, textures and the such, that would interfere with proper display of MY images!! Otherwise, stay safe and healthly!!

UPDATE: I have just gone through all the products and removed all items that have texture, which would effectively prevent the proper display of MY images if it were printed on a textured product. I do this to protect and prevent my images from looking GREAT if reproduced onto any FAA product. If you buy any of my images, it should look as good as when you first saw it. I want to ensure MY images will always look great, and I greatly appreciate your looking through my galleries and purchasing an image that caught your eye. It should look just as gorgeous on your wall or desk as when you first saw it, and as when I first saw and recorded that image!!


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