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K Marie

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August 30th, 2012 - 12:03 PM


In the morning I stretch out my wings and get them all ready for a good hunt.I ruffle my feathers, take a few flaps, and then take off. I Find nice warm air pockets and ride them up high into the sky.I am hungry so I soar without a sound... waiting. A pigeon flies into my sights.Silently, I fly above. I hold back until the time is right to strike.I see an opportunity and I take a dive. I speed up. The bird is oblivious of me because I strike from above and the sun blinds it . I am practically invisible, a bird of stealth.My talons shoot out in front of me and I strike the bird.As its wings fold, it falters, falling out of the sky. I swoop towards it,clutching it tightly before it hits the ground. Luckily the first blow killed the squab or else it would have been more work for me. When I find my place I land and start to feast on the pigeon. I rip and tear off chunks of meat. A delicious breakfast and an easy meal. Full and content I take off, still graceful even with a full stomach. I fly up on another thermal.Once I am REALLY high, I dive for fun. I race down and accelerate to 195 mph.I pull back before I hit the ground...exhilarating and awesome. Flying low, I start to slow down, pulling up.I rise and head back to my home in the cliffside.I just love the crisp air whipping by. I dart through it, picking up the pace.Reaching my destination, I delicately landed on the thin ledge. I snuggled in close to rest.After relaxing I head back out to hunt once again before the sun sets below the horizon.  Flying high I spot another,smaller bird than before but it should feed my babies.I go through the same easy routine and grab the small bird.Landing at my nest I shred it to pieces that are small enough for my babies to eat. So adorable , aren't they, fighting over the small bloody meat? After my little ones are finished with dinner I trade off with their father and its his turn to hunt while I stay home. I will keep my hatch-lings warm!This is the slow part of my day.But its all apart of being the mighty, stealth, and speed hunter that attacks from above. I am the Peregrine Falcon!

Great work Bri !


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