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Fika After Fifty Digital Art and Photography

Alison Gunn

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April 27th, 2013 - 05:50 PM

Fika After Fifty Digital Art and Photography

‘Fika’ is a Swedish word for taking a break (although their meaning usually involves coffee and cake).

I interpret ‘fika’ much more broadly, and use it as an idea, a way of giving yourself permission to take a break from your life so you can find your creativity.

The creative urge behind “Fika After Fifty” is about feeling encouraged to do what you have always wanted to do, and not to wait or put off your dreams any longer.

I think women in particular do this—we wait until the ‘time is right,’ but there is no better time than now to pursue what makes you happy.

It’s about taking the time to discuss ways to slow down your way, and live at your own pace. It is also about taking a break from the craziness to pursue your life, your creativity, your passions—your path.

When I travel, I most often go to Europe (although I hope to see Nepal and/or Tibet, as soon as I figure out which will be easier for my aging corpus to handle). I’d also like to see India and, at some point, Morocco and Egypt, but, as my Swedish friends say, (in broken English, yes, but these expressions begin to take on a charm of their own) one day at a step.

When I’m not coaching writers and helping people express their creativity, I teach English, writing, and conversation, online and in person. This has meant spending a fair amount of time traveling, learning the ways of my students’ countries, at the same time that I teach them how to sound more like an American. It has also lead to an epiphany, of sorts, which is that it is entirely possible to develop new interests past the age of 50, in spite of any negative thoughts and rumors to the contrary!

I have a professional and educational background in helping writers develop their creativity, which is one of my passions. Another is photography, which was a thought bubbling in my subconscious for many years, until I finally gave my post-50-year-old-self permission to pursue it.

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