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Flying Dreams

Michael Owens

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August 4th, 2013 - 01:08 PM

Flying Dreams


A dream is a dream but a flying dream is special….Flying in your dreams is among the best feelings you could ever experience…even in bed. Often times you wake up from one with your mind refreshed and feeling like a million bucks. For a few short minutes you are superman or a soaring eagle flying above it all! Dream researchers say 90% of flying dreams are lucid dreams, which means you are able to control dream settings. In other words you know you are dreaming, yet you’re still in control!

What Does My Flying Mean:

The meaning of these dreams, like many life experiences depend on context. For example, flying free as a bird without a care in the world will mean something altogether different from being afraid to fly or having trouble getting into the air. Dream experts suggest keeping a dream journal, you know ,writing down details of your dreams as soon as you wake up from one.

Trouble Flying:

Dreams where you know somehow that you have the ability to fly but can’t quite seem to get off the ground is a very frustrating type of dream. This probably suggests that someone or something is holding you back from taking the next step in life. In order to know what is holding you back from flying, try and remember who was with you in your dream. If you where alone and struggled to fly this implies that you are lacking confidence within yourself.

Scared of Flying:

Flying in a dream can either be exhilarating or a nightmare depending on the dream. Not being able to control your flight in a dream is rare but it does happen sometimes. Fear of flying might have to do with a lack of control in your life. The experts say dreams of this nature suggest you have trouble controlling the path of your life. No matter what you do there is some interference. You have to ask yourself what is causing me to be afraid to take control of my life, and how to get back on track. Another possibility with being afraid to fly is that you might be having trouble keeping up with the high goals you set. You may feel that you can crash at anytime. I know that feeling very well.

Direction of Flight:

Here’s another interesting theory; they say It’s important to know what direction you where going when you where flying high up in the clouds. Where you flying upwards, downwards or backwards? If you are flying upwards in your dream this suggests you are now on a new level of spiritually. If you where flying downwards we are trying to get more in tuned to our unconscious. If you are flying low to the ground it represents strength and determination in your life. If you are flying an airplane it means your not fully free to have fun but your almost there. Flying backwards suggests you want to relive the past and the good memories you experienced.

How To Analyze Your Flying Dream:

Just for fun, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself when you’re trying to figure out what your dream meant. Your unconscious will not spell it out for you, this is a job for your conscious mind to figure out. Dream symbols are presented in a metaphoric fashion for you to decode. A dream dictionary will help you figure out what your dream symbols represents and the hidden meaning behind them. Here are some questions below that might help you figure out what your flying dream meant.

Was I flying alone
Did Anything stop me
Was I in control of my flight
What was the weather like
Where you scared
Was I going up or down
Easy flight or turbulent flight
How was the mood in your dream. Where you happy or sad.
What where you using in order to fly (Wings or rocket)

So what kind of flying dreams have you experienced? I have had the one where I will suddenly realize I’m flying high in the sky and begin to wake up. But somehow its a slow process and I get scared and find myself feeling for a light switch to turn on so I can fully wake up. I guess my experience hasn’t been positive every time out.

To me the idea of keeping a dream journal is going a little too far. I just don’t think its that important to remember details of every dream. My theory is if the dream is important enough you will remember it, sometimes very vividly. I still remember dreams I had as a child. It’s shocking how real they still seem. I once dreamed I was having sex before I knew what sex even was. That was definitely one of the more pleasant ones!

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