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For The Lonely

Jennifer Donohoe

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September 9th, 2019 - 09:21 PM

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For The Lonely

As a therapist I hear more and more people tell me how lonely they feel. With all the social media and interaction with people we may never meet, people feel desperately lonely. Everyday they read the day-to-day quibbles of their friends and families. They like, love, are angry, or sad over the posts. Yet there is still no connection - just a button. An easy thing to hit and move on, but to what? The world is more connected and at the same time more isolated. People can hide behind their phones or keyboards and feel they have a connection to everyone, but in their darkest moments who's there for them?

Some of my art reflects those lonely moments - when we feel isolated and afraid to say what we feel.

I know how you feel. I see you. I understand the hurt and sadness that dwells deep inside. You're not alone. There is someone out there that loves you and will move the world out of their way to help you. Confide in a real person - not a social media site.

I see you...you're not alone.


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