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From Masterpiece to Crap and back

Randi Grace Nilsberg

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March 31st, 2013 - 10:30 AM

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From Masterpiece to Crap and back

Come on, youíve all been there! You gather your gear and get out there with your mind full of brilliant ideas about a stunning image whether itís a painting or a photograph. When you get to the spot of your choice, itís just not what you were expecting. The place is crowded with people, the swans have disappeared, the sun shines too brightly or it doesnít shine at all.

What do you do now? Pack up your gear and go home to sulk? Yeah, thatís one option. Another option is to take the day off, give your brain a break and enjoy life. Close your eyes and feel the wind touching your hair. Maybe thatís what you need to get inspired.

Or, you can give yourself a challenge! Donít leave until you have taken 100 photos! If youíre not a photographer, make some sketches! Erase the image in your head and look around! There are thousands of photo objects everywhere you go, but sometimes it takes a little more work to see them.

I once took one of Darlene Hildebrandtís challenges (http://www.herviewphotography.com) and locked myself in the bathroom with my camera and only one lens. I didnít come out until I had taken 100 shots. I started off with more or less lousy snapshots as my creativity first kicked in after about 40 shots. After 100 images my shoulders were aching, but the photos had improved tremendously, so I had enough decent images to work with. I cropped some of them and put the best ones together in this collage.

See? Challenge your creativity and youíll get results. Good luck to you!

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I guess the day force doesn't work is the day you need to do something else. Maybe it's the mind's (and body's) way of telling us that we need a break.

Rosemary Williams

8 Years Ago

Hixson, TN

What a great idea! I have blocks while out shooting from time to time and try to force myself to find something. Sometimes it works, sometimes force just doesn't work.