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Give Me Overcast

Greg Jackson

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February 17th, 2013 - 09:39 AM

Give Me Overcast

Blog #09
February 17, 2013

I decided to head downtown this morning and see if any new graffiti had been added to the small alley where the art work changes on occasion. Got down there about 7:00am and the sun was shining extremely bright, causing extreme glare off of brick and paint work, no matter which end of the alley I attempted to take the photos from. Plus, it was 20 degrees out there! Another deviation from my plan, were the large recycle bins (trash cans on wheels) and other debris that was in the alley for storage it seems. I did snap-off a few random shots of other stuff, but havenít even checked the camera card to see how they turned-out.

I would much rather take photos on an overcast day anytime over a bright, sunny day, whether itís early morning, mid-day, or early evening. I seem to do much better when itís overcast, at least in my personal opinion.

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Greg Jackson

3 Years Ago

Madisonville, KY

Thanks, Wendy. Didn't think anyone read the blogs.

San Antonio, TX

I absolutely agree. Soft light, an atmospheric sky . . . I always prefer that to a bright sunny day. The misty piece you've posted here is lovely.