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Harvest at Greenfield Village

K M Pawelec

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October 8th, 2019 - 09:09 AM

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Harvest at Greenfield Village

There is little doubt that American pioneers and inventors, not only shaped the United States of America, but also had a major influence on science and culture around the world. Preserving that legacy was a dream of the automobile giant Henry Ford, and one that he pursued with enthusiasm in the 1930s. The result is over two hundred years of the American spirit and ingenuity on display at Greenfield Village, part of The Henry Ford (Dearborn, Michigan). Building the village was no small task. Henry Ford bought and relocated historic buildings from around the country that were either associated with historic people and events – such as Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park or the bicycle shop of the Wright Brothers – or that represented particular time periods or walks of life. As such, southern plantations are nestled next to log cabins and store fronts display period pieces of haberdashery just down the street from working farms. Not only are the buildings and items historic, but the transportation is, as well. The visitor can walk around on foot, catch a ride from a horse and carriage, travel by steam in restored locomotives, or choose to see the sights from a Model-T (Henry Ford’s signature automobile). What brings the magic to life are the reenactors who work tirelessly to make everything real, which involves a great deal of hard work! With so many unique experiences and a backdrop of beautiful scenery – especially during harvest season – Greenfield Village is fun for all ages.


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