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June 4th, 2013 - 04:57 AM

Home Decoration Timeless Classic

In the modern home decoration market, Landscape Oil Painting is definitely favored the force, many people treat them as home decoration timeless classic. Expression in landscape painting, there is a power should not be underestimated, they are the North Korean landscape painting. Korean artists with the most pristine nature portray style, color Zeming Li, without losing a sense of grandeur, warmth and unique style of landscape painting also makes the Korean market and has a very broad audience. Bo Po net sales related responsible person, for North Korea's pursuit of oil is very hot in recent days, according to some market research shows that people correctly identified the one hand, Korean painting gradually being recognized by the Tibetan community value to the collection, the other from the Korean painting its elegant style, whether it is collection, home improvement or painting are gifts of the Korean exudes the charm of fascinating, and Bo Baby Jane Mall followed the trend of the market launch of the special series of North Korean art is faithful to provide a superior possession and enjoy the art choice. Next, let us appreciate the two of them, Cheng Wen-woman of Korean landscape painting as a boutique, one of the bright and elegant feel, feel them deep ethnic passion.

If the super-realistic oil painting of a unique Korean style of interpretation, the warm colors can be said that the Korean landscape painting style is extremely common expression, in which we feel is not just the natural flavor, smell more like the taste of the sun, warm and harmonious , beautiful. Bo Baby Jane mall in this "landscape" painting from the North Korean famous woman painter Cheng Wen-pen, full of paintings of women's unique soft feeling, every scene seems to have been blowing like a breeze blow, showing the charming form the United States. In the picture composition, the artist focus on one kind of contrast with the mix of distance, with mountains in the distant days of conversion between color shades with a subtle, near the bright color appears, and the same colors create a contrast between light and dark contrast, in line with the visual appreciation of the order. This arrangement reflects the originality of the picture the artist's unique perspective and style to grasp the interpretation, making the painting full of vitality, a sense of space and stretches. Hardcover effect is unique, full magnificence.

This "Miaoxiangshan Falls" oil paintings is also Cheng Wen-woman, depicting the fall of myohyang-san, colorful, like a waterfall pouring down as Sujuan, scenery never good. Strong use of color screen rough, bold strokes concise, mighty momentum flowing, but in the details without losing the subtle soften, pride Qianyun and Dandanyouqing seamless, highlights the art of everyone's style. Bo Po network users are familiar with the Korean landscape painting has a certain understanding of the social status of the Korean artist's unique and creative space to make their works in the oil industry today like a living fountain-like interpretation of the innocent and loving, full of sincere feelings of the screen expression of the true elegant. This work has excellent decorative effect, creating a warm and friendly home atmosphere, and its value to the collection also recognized by the industry, oil industry can be described as a dark horse, should be some concern.

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