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I Burned the Pork... Again

Kinga Baransky

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September 11th, 2019 - 11:13 AM

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I Burned the Pork... Again

I love multitasking... I think I'm good at it for the most part and it's an integral part of my nursing job.

When I'm nursing, it's a balancing act... taking care of multiple patients in the progressive care unit means I have to not only give interventions, meds, updates, deal with interdisciplinary teams, management and doctors, I have to be on high alert for patient decline or changes that require immediate action. I love it... and at the end of the day, I feel, in a small part, I helped my patients and left them better than when I came in.

So when I am in my studio and creating, I think I can do that here. My studio is basically my whole house and it seems not one inch is untouched by paint, glue or some other art presence. Anyway, I like to cook ahead for my days at the hospital so I can pop in some quick bites between my work. Today I decided to cut up some nice cuts of lean pork and a couple of sausages. I also popped in some coffee to rewarm in the microwave and some laundry into the washer. And then I proceed to work on my images, preparing them for print... The TV is on as background and I'm watching (sort of) Dope on Netflix.

So I start my work and 3 hours later it feels like I'm waking up from a trance. I smell the burnt pork (oh no!); coffee is still in the microwave, cold. Laundry is still wet in the dryer and Netflix has a note on the screen asking me if I want to continue watching. Geeze....

I should know better. When I create I often hit what they call "flow" and it transcends me. I don't hear anything and it's almost like I go somewhere but I don't know exactly where. It wonderful and I can only compare it to what runners call "a runner's high". But without all the sweating.

So I burned the pork again... luckily I like jerky. :-)


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