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Identical twins

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May 23rd, 2013 - 10:15 PM

Identical twins

Recently, Steve Koch of Gresham, Oregon wrote, "A friend experienced a situation where a painting of his was sold and then another client came forward and asked to have an identical one. I'm concerned about the artist's reputation and any problems the first client might have with the deal. What's your take on this?"

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Oneonta, NY

I have done a few "duplicates" as I call them but they never turn out exactly the same. The customers don't mind at all. My motto is every painting is unique, no two are alike. In regards to all my canvas art, I don't usually make any prints because I like the uniqueness to stay just that way. I would feel it would take away the quality by making prints...

Greta Corens

4 Years Ago

Peekskill, NY

It is hard to make an identical twin. Even if you try, it would come out differently. But don't even try. through art history, he same subject has been painted multiple times from different angles, see the Italian painter of still lifes, Morandi, for example. Why not propose that to a client. After all, then he has a true original.

Alex Nodopaka

4 Years Ago

Lake Forest, CA

The advice on the subject offered by Robert Genn of Painterskeys is quite logical. My other suggestion is to steer the potential customer away from a duplicate unless they are interested in settling for a photo-reproduction and in the case of a sculpture there's of course no problem to produce an exact replica. As to painting an actual very-similitude duplicate I suggest a China by the numbers production copy painting.