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If It Pops, Is It Pop Art?

Thomas Blood

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May 12th, 2020 - 09:13 AM

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If It Pops, Is It Pop Art?

The painting you see featured here, which is called, "Salt & Pepper" does not fit my normal surrealistic approach to painting. Of course, if you wander through my http://tom-blood.pixels.com website, you'll see that I like to experiment beyond just doing surrealistic paintings.

Call it my 'artists prerogative'.

This is the fourth in a series of paintings that feature word plays, tied together by an ampersand. First there was "Rock & Roll". Then came "Fish & Chips", followed by "Jack & Coke". Now, I present, "Salt & Pepper".

These paintings are bold in their color palette. The images pop off of the solid background colors. To me, this fits the definition of pop art - not just because the visuals pop but also the play on words are in the popular mainstream.

The visuals aren't always as easy to paint as they might look. There are seven different colors in the red pepper and that's not counting the green stem which has five different colors in it. Trying to emulate the typography on the Morton salt canister was a challenge and though it's not perfect, neither am I! BTW - I used the old time rendition of the Morton Salt canister which featured a much larger version of the girl with the umbrella. The version that is sold today has a much smaller version of the girl and some of the detail has been eliminated.

These paintings are fun to create and offer a bit of a break from my normal surrealistic endeavors. They are fun, playful and when you have all of the paintings lined up in a group, they make for extremely striking imagery.

When I painted "Rock & Roll", it sold about two months after I had created it. I liked that concept so much that I created another version of "Rock & Roll" using a different rock and a different roll.

So now there are four of these and yes, there will probably be more.

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