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November 6th, 2019 - 11:13 AM



I like things the way they occur naturally in nature, and that’s reflected in my gardening. This year I decided to convert a huge 100 x 100 grass field next to my home into a wildflower meadow. (No more frequent mowing that results in a sterile, useless environment for our declining pollinators!) It will be a long process that takes some planning, but in a few years, I should start to see some progress. I’ll be adding more wildflowers each year and letting nature do its thing.


I love seeing the butterflies and birds that have visited the meadow so far. I’m hoping to photograph many of them to use in future paintings. This painting shows a beautiful butterfly that visited my purple coneflowers. I was lucky enough to get a picture of it before it flew away. I originally named the painting “Monarch Beauty” not knowing the real name of this butterfly is female eastern tiger swallowtail. Oops… guess I have a lot to learn about my meadow visitors!
One thing I did learn and found fascinating about butterflies is their life cycle. They start out as an egg, then mature to a caterpillar, develop into a pupa/cocoon, and lastly, emerge as an adult butterfly.


I love how the amazing transformation of a butterfly compares to the Christian life “cycle.”
• When God chooses to save us, we are born again (starting out like a butterfly egg).
• As a new creation, we grow and are sanctified, but still have to deal with our sinful flesh (similarly, the caterpillar grows and sheds its shell, but is still trapped and confined in its caterpillar body).
• Finally, when free from this body at death, we are given our new body – perfect and without sin (like the caterpillar breaks free from its cocoon confinement and transforms into a beautiful adult butterfly).
As I see these beautiful creatures fly away, I am reminded of the incredible truths of God’s Word and what awaits us – freedom from sin, death, and hell! Peace, love, and joy will be ours for eternity!!

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