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Keys to the right over the wrong

Timothy Foley

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September 22nd, 2012 - 11:07 PM

Keys to the right over the wrong

9222012 Key’s to the right over the wrong

The balance in this place of nurtured souls is an industrialized one, along with the times amongst the many sectors of life. Those that we have encountered, and those that remain hidden behind the many chronicles of the biological mechanism that make this all continue on. The traditions of an information based society, streaming on, in patterns of contemp
lated thinkers, innovators and creators amongst the dreamers. By doing this the times will become more enriched with minds that can maintain a consciousness of good. We traverse the many obstacles to continue to grow as people, a nation looking to find a cohesiveness between fellow mankind.

A gentle hand will cover the troubled times and put ease to the minds, over the way that life has changed. The historically status quo with be in tow. Even the branded times will come to pass inside of the maze of life’s abilities of making everything naturalistically healed and whole. Picking up the progressive reactions are the attractions of a system in place, created by the hands of all that there is. That which was created behind the scenes will come to light. Rightfully so, the imitations of lives which are lived will change the seasons and mark the times.

The messages sent have not been squandered, nor left un-attested for, for the have been absorbed and reflected with a serenity of well being. Contentment is an underrated feeling, but being humbled in this time is a notable trait. Learning from life’s interactions to gain knowledge from their eyes. So, we carry on in each moment in time’s place and residential habitat. Carrying the weight of what is needed for people around us, is a common ground to seek. Searching for the healing aspect of that which we may be called for, when granted to be called on.

It is the common factors of life that need to be embraced and held up to the highest degree. The way that we can make a difference may be through our relationships between one another. Be good to thy neighbor and hold high the ones you love. That being said it is essential to become the most upstanding citizen of the planet as you can. Take it to heart and have a plan of taking on this life through the persistence and practice and prayer, and all will be safe and sound all around.

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