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Luminumbra Project Notes

Sandy Tolman

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January 31st, 2013 - 11:05 PM

Luminumbra Project Notes

In late 2012, I began Luminumbra Project . . . there are hundreds of images ... all photos of blank paper, canvas or walls. Figuring out how to upload them and in what order is a quandary . ... here are series within series . .. slight variations or one off's . . . . endless combinations of images formed by light cast through translucent objects onto an empty surface . . .interactions between the type of light source, distance from the object, the type of object, the distance of the object from an empty surface, ambient illumination . . . .the amount of depth is fascinating . . . still exploring . . ..

Uploaded another 10 or so images . . .working on breaking them down into groups .. . but some overlap in such odd ways 'tis interesting, yet befuddling . . . . when I have done a digital variation in the past, I have root and branch images . .. not quite the case here . . . can not go by date easily, since many times revisited similar projects on different dates . .. or type of object light is filtered through, since some objects form critically divergent images based on what part of the object light shines through and at what angle . .. .one blown glass vase may produce 3 to 4 different types of images . . hmmm . . ..

Any suggestions? ! ?


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Dawn Vagts

4 Years Ago

Cresco, IA

If I can think of any suggestions to share, I will. I can see where it would be kind of confusing to figure out the "group/gallery" to put certain images in...... I think you have a done a really great job tho, with what you have already posted and grouped. I like your attention to detail and your deep thinking process! =)