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Manipulating the Image - Floral Photography

Brooks Garten Hauschild

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November 30th, 2019 - 09:16 PM

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Manipulating the Image - Floral Photography

Fell in love w-a beautiful photograph of a sunflower in sepia tones taken in the garden, which, FYI, is available in my gallery for your viewing pleasure! I loved it so much, in fact, that I thought, hmm, what else could I do w-this image that would satisfy my creative curiosity. Answer: go abstract! So, off to Photoshop I happily went...and after a few twists & turns [w-no color changes], I got into the groove ~ creating several orbs [no tools for that], manipulating the lines, playing w-lighting effects, etc...and, voila!, something fluid & otherworldly began to take shape. I, then, took each image I had created from the original, about 5 or 6, including this piece, put them together w-others to make several triptychs, the perfect sizes for print options such as yoga mats, towels & so on. ALL are available as fine art prints, too, and they look fabulous as wall art! Check out the 'real deal' original, and all the manipulated images, by clicking on the web link provided below...and ENJOY!! Once you find those you like, simply click on the image to see the details & prints options. Contact me w-any questions! Have a great week. ~Brooks

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Ashland, OR

As Christmas approaches w-its usual flair...,and WE begin that annual treasure hunt for gifts to share w-loved ones & friends, I warmly invite you to view my gallery filled w-fabulous imagery that will surely delight! If you are reading this & are a FAA-Pixels member, make sure to enter my CONTEST, 'The Gift of Art', accepting submissions until December 12th! Happy Holidays!

Ashland, OR

To view the above image and many other original abstract art & photography images available as fine art prints & more, check out my 'Abstracts' COLLECTION!! Questions are welcome...and encouraged. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everyone!!

Ashland, OR

Be sure to scroll thru all the images in my 'Sunflower Power' COLLECTION to see this & other print options featuring this image! Thanks so much for the recent question re sizes & different colors. Appreciate it. ~B