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August 14th, 2014 - 09:54 AM

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Mister Blue Sky

Isn't it a small world?

It's a phrase we use regularly in Ireland because no matter who you talk to here if you talk long enough you'll find a connection. Sometimes you don't even need to talk. Sometimes lightning strikes twice in the same place. The following is a true story.

On Saturdays I have a market stall in Marlay Park selling prints of my own work. One of the prints is reproduced from an original which is currently on display at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London. The title of the painting, acrylic on canvas, is 'Kerry Humour'. I painted this from a photograph I had taken somewhere near Kenmare, County Kerry, about ten years ago but wasn't sure exactly where. The print caught the eye of a young couple who were passing. "There's Joe Blogg's (not his real name) house", says he. I was sure he was mistaken as the house was in such a remote part of Kerry. He knew the exact location as this was his next door neighbour on the road from Kenmare to Kilgarvan (colloquially known as the Healy Ray highway). I couldn't believe the coincidence. As it happens the man in question is slightly eccentric and the silage bales with the markings 'Fek Off Crows' are still there ten years later.

The following week a more middle aged couple were passing the stall. "There's Joe Blogg's place", say she. Again I was sure she was mistaken. "Sure he's our next door neighbour". When I explained what happened the previous week she said "that would be Mary and Pat - they're the neighbours on the Kenmare side - we're his neighbours on the Kilgarvan side. You just can't beat that for a million to one shot. I went out and bought a lottery ticket that night and guess what - not one number came up. Just goes to show - lightning never strikes three times.

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