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My Art Background

Amanda Petersen

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November 6th, 2019 - 02:14 PM

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My Art Background

Hello from the PNW side.
I hope life is treating you good, if not just remember you are not given what you can not handle.

Today I would like to tell you all about my art background.....

It was back in elementary school when I found my passion, did I know it was my passion... no, but I love doing it and it made me happy.
That is where I learned how to make pottery. I did not like the clay as much as the paint but I did learn there is more to art then just colors.
My art teacher was a blessing, she introduced us all to pottery, paint, watercolor, coloring with other material, paper mache, tissue paper, sketching, pointillism, ect.. I learned so much that when I got into high school I continued with my art path.
I was so excited to meet my high school art teacher, I heard he was really good at drawing and painting. I was of course nervous, I didn't feel as confident as I do now. All I can remember is having to learn depth while sketching. I was so so nervous because my class was a mix of freshmen up to seniors. I thought some of the objects we to had sketch were hard. Until he gave me the best advice an art teacher could give their students.
"You can draw anything if you can draw shapes."
He had us draw the shapes we seen in the objects first. Then he had us shade over the shapes to define them into their true self. I couldn't believe it!!! How could it be that simple. I know it was still a challenge for some and every day I am still learning.
So, listen to what my teacher told me and now I am telling you.
You can draw, everyone is capable of drawing. If it comes off hard, start with the objects basic shapes....then slowly add the depth with shading. You will be surprised with yourself.
Comment below if you would like me do a demonstration on this type of lesson and I can make a video for those of you who are interested.

Now, back to what I was saying about my art background. I did not stay in that school after my freshman year. Which is sad because they had intro to photography as a high school class. I wanted to be a part of it so bad but my family ended up moving. That doesn't mean I gave up. I thought of it as "new school...new art lessons".
My sophomore year of high school until I graduated, I was always in the art room. I learned from that school that there was even more art then I thought there was before. I started to learn how paint and blend on tiles as well as big canvas boards. I learned about jewelry, print making, stamps, oil paint, and a lot more. I took every art class I could, well minus the pottery lesson. I learned a while back that is not for me. I just don't like clay on my hands.
I took so much art, that my senior year I had nothing left to take, so I just took an independent art study into graphic design.
Once I graduated high school I already had a lot of experience with my own creativity. My Mom hooked me up with a boat painting job, where I would paint the logos on someone's boat. I had fun and learned that fishermen are very specific when it comes to the fish they want painted. This took me into a drawing and painting stage of realism. I actually love realism and still base most my work off of it.
I also started doing family drawing portraits after my daughter was born. I would practice my sketch work from pictures of my daughter to sketching roses.
I did run into depression along the way. I started to feel down about myself. I felt everyone loved my work but I didn't feel it was good enough to be seen outside of family. I always did my work alone in my apartment. So, some family and friends started questioning my talent because they could never see me do it. And to be honest, I never liked anyone to see me work because I never believed in myself enough to have an audience.
I had a friend who lived across the hall from me and she just finished her 1st year of graphic design and gave me all her books and stuff. I went through it and started reading. It was then I realized I didn't really want to spend all that time with graphic designing.
I started looking into other things I could do when I decide to go to college. No, I did not go to college right out of high school. Yes, I had the grades to go anywhere. I was just an athlete who believed if she were to go to college it would be a full ride scholarship. Which I did get the full ride scholarship from Ohio State University. I got the offer my senior year, right after finding out I was pregnant. I was so let down with myself and had to call the school and reject the offer due to being pregnant. They even offered me to start the following year and I straight up told them I couldn't.
For a while all I did was work and take care of my daughter.
BUT then....one day I was getting ready and my phone rang so I picked it up. It was a college asking me questions about the type of major I'd be interested in. I started to tell them all the stuff I have done and the topics I've thought about studying and why I choose not to. By the end of the call I was enrolled into college starting with majoring in Interior Design and minoring in arts. Lol. I was not planning on enrolling, life just happened that way.
I went to that college for 4 years with 1.5 semesters to go for completion of the Interior Design major.....BUT I started to not like it and it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I know the basics to blue prints now and the inner structure of a home. I even went out for the interviewing of a local interior designer in my area. She taught me a lot and showed me her portfolio and how mine could look. She told me about clients and what her job entitles. I started seeing that interior designers are in a wealthy line of work. Which at first I thought $$$$$ yeah bring home the bacon.
My heart wanted more and I couldn't figure it out.
I took some time to really think about what I wanted to do for a career. When it was time to go back to school, I switched my major from interior design to photography. I was happy I finally got into a photography class to even see if I like it. After a semester in the class I had to start looking at buying some of my equipment. My parents offered to help buy some of it and I was kind of okay with that. Once I seen how much the equipment would be and how much debt I was accumulating... I had to do some research to even see if this is something I can do for a lifetime. This was when back when the first iPhone was coming out. I learned that photographers are going to have a hard time in the future due to the smart phones capability. I also read in my research that one day photography can just be done with a smart phone and most the equipment won't be needed. Once I read this I knew I had to stop with the class. I was going to just get further into debt. My thought was by the time I get out of school my hard work could be taken over by a smart phone.
Yes, I dropped out of college. I had my camera still and started to just learned on my own. I figure I could use my resources to figure out my next move.
I used the old camera I had for photography and tried to manipulate the same thing I captured on my camera, capturing with my smart phone. It was not as easy as I thought. I started to do photography as a hobby, just like my painting/sketching and put them on the back burner while I just work and take care of my daughter and now son.

Here we are now.
Last year I came up with an idea.
What if I took my knowledge from grade school, college, and self taught into my own profession??
I know arts and craft, I know painting and sketching, I know designing and layouts, and I also know a little about photography.
How can I put all of this into a career???
So, Here I am opening an Artist Gallery for myself. This gallery is based on home interior decor and created with my very own photography. The design work is all original photography turned into a graphic design and laid out on decor items.

My goal is to make enough to give back to the art programs in schools. The public schools are losing funding and art classes open more opportunity for students to use their creativity. This is not just in painting or drawing. Losing art programs is also losing future jobs for craftsmen, jewelers, painters, pottery designers, designers ect.. Creativity is an art, and to lose that program in schools is limiting students career opportunities.

Please, check out my work. Give me a follow. You do not need to buy anything to support me as an artist.
Anything bought of mine, 50% does go back to the Art Programs.

You can also feel free to support by donating ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇


Thank you!!

A. Petersen's Gallery

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