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My deal with a four-year-old girl

Wilko Van de Kamp

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February 4th, 2017 - 07:51 PM

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My deal with a four-year-old girl

A while ago, a 4 year old girl came to my booth at one of the art festivals I participated in, looking for freebies. Quite excited about the free wristband in her all-time favourite colour (blue!) I gave her, she wanted to buy my book. Her mom wouldn’t let her, so we made a deal: She’s going to school to learn how to read first, and then she’d come back. My website was on the bracelet, after all.

Before she left, she pointed at her sister, only a few months old, sleeping on moms arm. “And her favourite colour is yellow. I’ll keep it in a safe place until she’s old enough.”

This girl is going places.

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Cheryl Dean

3 Years Ago

Palm Desert, CA

What a great response and deal you made! I salute you as a former teacher! One of my granddaughters is 3 and this week she wanted me to snuggle with her on her bed so she could "read" me a book! Thank you for your effort! Cheryl Ann