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Never Finished

Dave Luebbert

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June 3rd, 2013 - 05:56 PM

Never Finished

Art is kind of a living thing in that it can always be updated and changed. The book I illustrated for Tamara Amos won the International Book Awards and in its promotional first printing. Tamara having had the advantage of signing a lot of copies at conventions, churches, and other events, also got a lot of feedback, and after awhile began realizing a common response to different parts of the book. So she found a way to make some simple changes that would iron out those minor problems and make the book more presentable to a wider readership, so I will work over a couple images at least to make them better.

Same goes for much of the art I create. Sometimes just having the luxury of time and letting the subconscious work out some problems and improvements is what is needed to make a piece better.


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